Device Offiline - WDMYCloud is not accessable

I can no longer connect to my WD my cloud remotely, when on the same network the WD My Cloud App works well, remotely I get a error “Device Offiline - WDMYCloud is not accessable, Local documebts are available”

Its very annoying, the white brick aka WDMYcloud is no longer a cloud…

I am thinking this must be a issue on WD servers side of things? 

Everything in my UI is ok, havent changed any settings, peviously had been working fine:

Cloud Access Status

Connection Status Connected

Port forwarding connection established.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one suffering from this problem.

From your post, i assume that you’ve had remote access before? If so, you’re lucky you’ve enjoyed having a personal cloud.

I’m on the other hand, never experienced the advertised ‘personal cloud’ thingie.

when you go to the site and enter your login is this successful? do you see the device here?

Diggin up a old post, I thought I would give WD some time to fix the remote access problem, today I tired to remote into my device via, I can log in and see my device when I try click on the device / access the share I get a ERROR 

"Cant connnect to the server

Anyone got a fix?

This could be my problem too, I can’t access via web or the WD ap on my mac.


Ok so i got my remote access issue sorted, it was my ISP blocking port 80 and 443 at there end, I had to log into my ISP “Tool box” and unblock those ports as well as setting up portforwarding on my router.

All good now!