Device not found, please help

My cloud device dose not appear on the wireless network.

MyCloud lights:

Front panel LED - blue steady

Back panel LED - green flashing above, orange solid below

What ive tried:
• have looked for device on a mac and a pc, not found.
•used Ethernet cable then setup, device not found.
•Removed the power for so long.
•Reset used for 4sec, not found, then for 40sec, not found
•Downloaded “wd discovery” unable to find device
•Turned off firewall
•Changing ip address to static via router interface
•Used the mac address to find device on browser setup. not found

the router can see the device but the computers attached cannot find it when using the wd software, wd sync etc

I can access the dashboard and drive from finder. but it doesn’t show the device on timemachine on mac.

I have searched the same questions and have read most of the related topics but they either end up without a solution or suggest the methods stated above. hope somebody can help.

I am using the latest El Capitan OS and my 3tb mycloud’s firmaware is updated.
my router is a belkin dual band wireless N router.

El Capitan is well known to have problems with the My Cloud. So another forum search, this time for “el capitan” and you’ll find numerous threads, some which may have workarounds to various El Capitan / My Cloud issues.