Delete Public Share on WD EX2 Ultra

Before I setup my new WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra I was looking for any topic to delete the “Public” folder. I haven’t got any clear solution.

I had already gave up but without any intention, I found out how to do this just using the UI provided by the product.

I just came here to tell you and document how to delete the “Public” share.

But before some information:

  • (This item still under test - see replies below) This is only useful if you are NOT going to use My Cloud Access - you will lose access to it unless you create your NAS again from scratch
  • My firmware version is 5.17.107 (September 2021)
  • I’m using My Cloud OS5 - (yes, this is in the version number of firmware, but this is just to state clear)
  • It is necessary to delete entire content of the volume where Public Share is.
  • I’m assuming you are creating your NAS from scratch

Steps to create a NAS without Public Share

  1. Create your NAS normally, following all the steps. You can use RAID1, JBOD, RAID0, RAID1+Spanning… it doesn’t matter.
  2. Go to “Shares” and check in which volume your Public folder is

  1. Go to Settings > Utilities
  2. Then scroll down screen until “Format Disk”
  3. Select the volume where “Public” share is then format it.

  1. You will notice it will not show up again in “Share” tab.
  2. (Optional) If you would like, you can create another “Public” on another volume
  3. Important If you create another one (independent of the volume) you will not be able to delete it again. You have to repeat this procedure from step 2 again


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I had commented before about the connection loss to “My Cloud”.
Since it was October 4th - the day we had worldwide outage on DNS servers - there is a possibility that this might be keeping me from logging into My Cloud.

I found the following guide:

While testing step by step, I realized in step “Network routing check” that I cannot reach WD addresses listed in troubleshooting guide when using traceroute:

(The last two which points to my device - they are ok. They are working)

This the result of my traceroute:

after 48 hops (and still counting, it goes nowhere) so I think it could have been some consequence of the DNS outage we had.
As shown in traceroute, the issue is not here but somewhere.

I’ll keep investigating…

I’ll do it and inform you here…

This did not work for me. OS5 firmware version 5.21.104 on a My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

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