Cannot access Public Share folder

I have a share called “Public” which was created when I installed the software. But when I go to this share on the dashboard I cannot change the share access. Its grayed out.

Unfortunately we are screaming at WD to let us change the settings for quite a while now. You won’t be able to change the setting from the dashboard.

I only use this folder to store my movies and music. Everything else is in personal folders behind a password.

M A Y B E  at the next firmware update that everyone is waiting for.

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So how do you access it for your movies and music??

like a normal shared folder that has no password.

I go to all my shares start>my computer> in the address bar you type \wdmycloudex2 or \your_nas_ip. Here i see all my folders, including Public. When i access Public, no password is required.

Also, i use this folder to stream movies to my TV via the DNLA.

I am a little confused about the topic, because the title sais you can’t access it and in description you talk about unable to change the permissions for this folder.

so we astablished that you can’t change the permissions, but can you see your Public folder or anyother folders on your network ?

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OK Thanks!. I found it where you said. You are correct in that I did not care about changing the permissions. I just could not figure out how to find it.