Data Lifeguard for Windows SMART attributes AND Advisory Bit

Testing newly received My Book 10TB WDBBGB0100HBK-NA (WD100EZAZ-11TDBA0 hdd)
Testing was done with newly downloaded Data Lifeguard v1.36.

I am trying to reconcile HDA Temp values reported by WD SMART and with HDDscan SMART reports. I will attach a capture of the WD report. The HDDscan report normalizes values somewhat for comparison.

WD lists temp value(raw I believe) at 171. HDDscan states that is 203/32 C(also Raw in hex). After a 17+ hour WD Long drive test WD reports 125 and HDDscan 127/56 C.

I unmounted the drive and let it cool off to check. WD reports 253 and HDDscan 253/18 C.

The following link I followed from a WD support page, which references the temp value as the last byte of the raw value displayed.

Can anyone clarify how these values relate and how to interpret them properly please? I have tried plugging all values into the Win10 calculator for programming and still trying to make sense of the results with the ‘last byte’ of the raw value as claimed.

ALSO in the capture the right hand most column is labeled Warranty. Those items have not changed since first test. I believe they are the pre-failure/Advisory bit referenced on the following link from WD:

If the Warranty value is the bit I suspect, why does it come set and not zeroed out, and if not what is the Warranty column and what does it represent?
Thank you