Dashboard freezes for Admin account - WD mycloud ex2 ultra


I am facing the following issue:
Whenever I log in to the Dashboard of my NAS WD Mycloud EX2 Ultra with the Admin account, the home page is displayed but the interface freezes immediately. I cannot click on anything. It basically looks like a picture of the dashboard, rather than a dashboard. The only action possible is closing the browser tab/window.

I am getting the same result in IE and Mozilla and on different machines. But only with the admin account. With other accounts I am able to sign in and use the dashboard (without admin privileges).

Do you know what might be the issue with my device?

Thank you

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Hello eeuan,

You can try 40 second reset on the device as well as power cycle the complete network including the My Cloud EX2 device.

You can firstly try power cycling the My Cloud device and the router. Then, you can try 40 second reset on the device by referring the link mentioned below. It is recommended to firstly check the changes that will be taken in the My Cloud EX2 drive before attempting the 40 second pin reset.


IF still the issue persists, you should try contacting WD support from the link given below.

Nobody else has experienced this issue?

Yes - after reading through many replies on different threads the issue appears to be capacity-related. The dashboard capacity widget takes a really long time to load if you have a lot of files and the rest of the admin interface can’t be used until this widget finishes loading.

For some people this means that the dashboard times out before it loads.

I’m hoping there’s some way to disable the capacity widget - if anyone has found a way to do that it would be great to know what that is.

Yes have the same issue also for over a year. Have been unable to update firmware or apps.

Same on all browsers. Firefox allows you to modify the HTTP timeouts, but even with a timeout of 10 minutes the page still will not load so that you can actually access the device.

Unfortunately I did not have SSH turned on, so out of luck in getting beyond this.

I don’t want to do a 40 Second Reset, as that deletes all your apps. Dropbox has limited the amount of devices on a free account so if I reset the device I would lose my dropbox app and could not get it back without paying for Dropbox.

Surely there is some other option?