Cannot log in to admin dashboard on EX2 Ultra

I already tried the 4 second reset.

I am entering my administrator username correctly - no matter what I do, when I click “Login” it just refreshes the ■■■■ page.

Going for the 40 second reset and losing everything I already have set up for all of my family members is not an option…

I can clearly still log in if I enter one of their local usernames (no password) or even my own personal share username and password. I can still access it over the web using my account.

It just won’t load the ■■■■ admin page!!!


Please refer to the following KBA article:

Thank you @Logan.S - sorry for double posting. I was following those instructions, but it took a second reset to actually blank out the admin password for some reason. I thought it might be some kind of browser cache issue but it did it in every single one I tried (Edge, Firefox, IE).