Customer relationship and communication

I read another 4 posts this morning from disgruntled customers informing us of their decision to buy Synology or QNAP. That’s at least 10 in total in under a week just on these forums from the guys that want to tell us.

Customers must be abandoning WD in their hundreds over this issue and I haven’t seen one post or reply from anyone @WD_Admin acknowledging, apologising,asking for us leavers to “please bare with us, we’ve hit a major issue but we’re doing all we can”.

A simple response such as this probably would have had me shut down the ex2 ultra and wait for a fix. Everyone has had days and makes mistakes, it’s the taking ownership of it that’s a true sign of integrity and would have saved a lot of customers leaving and never returning.

Anyone is business will know that your current customer base is your most important because if you lose them, it’s incredibly difficult to win them back.

I honestly feel, the way this roll out has been handled, could be the end of WD’s NAS department.

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@RichArnold Thanks for posting your concerns.
Please refer to the following status update of My Cloud OS 5 and firmware 5.05.111 announcement and release notes for more information.


And that’s the maximum you’re gonna get. A standard answer, no real people, no technical team. No surprise technical users are buying qnap and synology.
They’ve removed tcpdump from the OS and didn’t mention that in their release notes. So, don’t trust it .

Well; the ability to “admit” issues is a key component of corporate culture.

Organizations are not judged on IF they have problems. . .they are judged on HOW they respond to problems.

I definitely concur with the original poster. . . .I am very surprised with the numerous references to direct competitors in this forum. WD management must view this as a very ominous sign.

I am encouraged by the good number of changes that have already been implemented in OS/5 based upon feedback. . . however. . . .

I recall the response to the Red Drive SMR debacle last year.

The handling of the entire indexing (and transcoding for the higher powered units) issue now is telling.

Combine this with the amazing lack of feedback regarding WebAccess and the the phone apps. . . .and it’s disturbing.

I have been played with the mobile apps. . . . trust me when I say that the lack of feedback is NOT indicative of perfection of these tools. Rather. . . I think that people are either (a) not getting to it because of the indexing debacle or (b) not interested in this functionality.

For my part. . . .if I need to access files remotely on my system. . . I would use VPN.

The reality:
I have an old MyCloud single bay NAS on OS/3. That unit is generally off; it’s old and slow (fair enough considering age)

I have one NAS on OS/3. That unit is blocked from the internet at the router because of known security concerns.

I have on NAS on OS/5. That unit. . .has no worthwhile critical data on it. . . and I have recently blocked internet access at the router because of concerns posted on the board regarding “privacy” and “security”. Gonna let OS/5 mature a bit before I consider using it more significantly.

My “mobile data” resists on a WD 5TB external drive . . .which sits next to my power brick for my laptop in the knapsack.