I'm buying a Synology 220+ in 5 days

@WD_Admin. You have 5 days to sort this out.

72 hrs of indexing then cpu ram and fans going 100% after indexing has finished.

You are going in the direction of killing my drives and risking years of family photos. This is not on.

You’ve got 5 days to sort it or WD is no longer in my house.


Too funny.

The real question is: Do you need the WD web and mobile apps?

If the answer is “no”; then you can do what I did: Turnoff web access; and call it a day.

  • Turning off web access still allows for VPN (out of network) and SMB (in network) access (hmm. . have not tried SMB with VPN. . .

  • Turning off web access stops the indexing madness and transcoding (for the units that support transcoding)

I still want to understand the security improvements better. . . .but certainly the OS had problems from all I have heard. And there are some nice incremental functionality improvements that I like.

Of course. . .the big selling point for OS5 is the web/app access. . . .aside from the indexing issue. . the app really seems. . . like it could use focus group testing (by that I mean. . the functionality works. . .but the functionality is stupid).

me it’s done, i’d buy a ds220j, and when it arrive, i tranfer my datas and i"ll return the ex2 ultra ! bye bye wd !


Das Einzige, was man mit der mycloudex2ultra nach dem OS5 Update machen kann, ist zum Mülleimer laufen, aufmachen und reinschmeissen.
Das Ding hat wunderbar funktioniert, aber seit dem Update kompletter, unzuverlässiger Schrott.
Ich rate jedem in meinem Bekanntenkreis und den Fotogruppen dringend vom Kauf ab und werde mir auch etwas anderes zulegen.
Ist mir zu gefährlich

I may have to look into Synology 4 Bay NAS myself. I can’t seem to find a 40 TB WD in stock anywhere so now is the time to look into alternatives.

I would have no fear regarding buying units without drives.

Especially if it is not crystal clear if the drives you are buying are CMR vs SMR (last I checked, all the WD 10TB disk options were CMR (better than SMR))

I have never entertained the thought of buying a diskless and adding drives to it. I suppose there are instructions somewhere for that. I am fighting an EX4100 now with a DEGRADED drive. I am working with support via email. It is a slow process at times waiting for a reply.

Understand the hesitation. . . but the units are DESIGNED for hot swap.

If you are in Raid 5 with your EX4100, I would not wait too long before replacing with a fresh (preferably better) drive.

For ONE degraded drive, the whole purpose of the NAS is to NOT have to replace the entire thing.
(if you want to do that anyway. . . . lots of good reasons to buy a Synology NAS as opposed to a new WD unit. . .)

I had a drive die in an EX4100 and shut it off as recommended until I received a replacement drive. I bought 2 so I would have a spare on hand. When they arrived, I inserted the new drive and powered it up. That drive was DOA and just clicked. I tried the other drive and it was a good drive. Now the new drive is healthy, however it reports that it is degraded so I have an open ticket on that now.

This experience adds to my hesitation. If I had chosen the other drive to install first and it worked, then the “spare” drive I purchased would have been DOA when I needed it and by then the vendor would not have allowed me to return it, so I have decided no more spare drive purchases.

I may very well consider buying the parts and assembling them as you suggest. I used to build PCs from scratch so this should be a piece of cake and one would assume it is a straightforward process. Thanks

RAID rebuild hits the EX hard so first

make a USB external drive back up ( make 2)

I always aim a fan at the EX or ex2 unit for extra cooling during a rebuild ( or indexing)

I also reformat and run the WD sector test via a PC on any new disk
( there are no G shock tags on shipped disk these days)