Curiosity: MyBookLive HDD Replacement

I’m curious to know if it’s possible to replace the HDD in MyBookLive (1TB).

Nothing is wrong with it at the moment, the reason I’m curious is because what if in the future the drive fails for any reason, can I just replace it or do I basically have to buy a new device (or whatever is available then)?

The entire NAS operating system is contained on the NAS’s drive. IF the drive dies then WD you need to re-image the  drive.  Just connecting a blank drive won’t work.

Would have been better if the Linux OS was contained on flash RAM with the disc only used for data and logs.  :slight_smile:

I saw a post in another forum where a guy managed to install a new HDD but the whole procedure is not easy because it involves partitioning and installing Debian from the firmware image in WD page. Not easy at all.

Myron & vertical, what if I mirror/duplicate the files from SSH to another drive (as backup) and when/if the drive fails I just get a new one and move the files to it, would that do the trick?

Even if that was possible, I’d say it’s not worth trying, I think I’ve been looking at MBL the wrong way, it is not a NAS enclosure, it’s a NAS hdd, when or if it fails, replace all. WD needs to reconsider price if that’s the case.

I agree with you but something like that would probably increase the price. On the other hand, it would be something with great value for money.