Cpuminer process 50-99% of cpu usage

Всем доброго дня, у меня wd my cloud ex2 ultra уже недели три как постоянно работает вентилятор охлаждения на 3-5 тысячах оборотов, при проверке запущенных процессов увидел некий процесс cpuminer занимающий процессор на 50-99%. Уж не майнит ли мой диск криптовалюту для кого-то?
Обратился в поддержку, ознакомились с отчетами, поблагодарили за предоставленную информацию, пообещали что-нибудь сделать в последующих прошивках, но за три недели так ничего сделать не смогли. Встроенный антивирус ничего не обнаруживает, диагностика тоже ОК, но вентилятор крутит постоянно, и процесс cpuminer продолжает работать. Может есть у кого какие идеи?

I have same ex2 ultra, and same issue. It is so noisy.
and I found the “cpuminer” process.
After googling, I found the github like below
It is the source code of mining litecoin, bitcoin.
I think My WD was hacked or the lastest FW of WD has it.
How can I fix it?

At the moment, I find only one way of temporary solution, you can use your firewall on the router to block port 3333, and restart your WD, after that cpuminer couldn’t connect to server and will not use CPU. And we are waiting for solution from Western Digital engineers. Already a month…

I have the same problem: infection by “cpuminer”.
I didn’t have activations of the fans but my company 's IT service discovered it (firewall detected outgoing traffic from our WD MyCloud EX2 "Coinminer.Gen Command and Control Traffic”) and blocked the outgoing traffic.
It was going to De browser get “Mining server is Online for monero.crypto-pool.fr

I updated the firmware (didn’t do it in the last 2 years), installed the Antivirus Extension and ran a scan to no avail.
I mounted every share and did a computer scan with my antivirus software. It took ages but it came back negative.
The virus is therefore in the operating system which is not accessible to me.

In the control panel of the device, I can see in “Device activity”, a process “cpuminer” coming at about 8%CPU and 8%memory.
I don’t know if it is much lower than in your case because of the blocking of the outgoing connection or if it is “smart” such that it doesn’t look suspicious (slowdown of the service, high speed fans, …).

I am waiting for solution from Western Digital.

WD’reply: Full Restore to factory default settings :frowning:

WD we are waiting for an official response and solution to this matter :rage: