CPU pegged at 100% permemently

This can’t be good for the device surely.

I guess it’s Twonkymedia that’s stuck trying to index or thumbnail something.   How cna I fix this?  Is this device now End OF Life (as the version of Twonkymedia it comes with is now very old, and missing lots of very important fixes).

I expected WAY more in terms of support from WD in keeping my device upto date,


If you reset the unit, stills the same?

What firmware are you running on the unit?

What version of twonky is on it?

As you can see from the attached screenshots, the device has been up and running for 8 days, and the CPU is pegged at 100% CPU load. Going into the device via ssh and issuing the “top” command, it clearly shows both cores are pegged at 50% each trying to create thumbnails for twonkymedia using avconv.

8 days is a reasonable amount of time to wait before Twonkymedia should have created all it’s thumbnails (this is not a new file either).

I have rebuild the database previously (several times), and it’s always having the same problem. This file plays without problem, so it’s not a corrupt file. I therefore believe it’s either a Twonkymedia or a avconv bug.

avconv has nothing at all to do with Twonky.

Then why is it pegging my CPU for 8 days solid when it’ trying to create a thumbnail in /mnt/HD_ad/twonkymedia/db/cache


To add another data point, my MCM usually sits with its CPU at 100%, and I don’t have DLNA (Twonky) enabled.

Personally I just ignore it, as the device works well enough and doesn’t overheat or anything like that. I think it’s a mistake somewhere in the dashboard readout of the CPU or measurement rather than something “important”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the CPU at anything below ~100% for any significant length of time.

clashcityrocker wrote:

Then why is it pegging my CPU for 8 days solid when it’ trying to create a thumbnail in /mnt/HD_ad/twonkymedia/db/cache???

avconv is the WD My Cloud creating thumbnails for use in the My Cloud mobile & desktop apps.

As to why it’s building thumbs into the TwonkyMedia cache, I have no idea.   I’ve only ever seen it build thumbs in the .wdmc hidden folders.

If it’s not moving on to other files, like it’s hung on those specific VOBs, then yeah, there’s a bug in avconv.

I have killed those hung pegged processes, and the CPU is now idle, sitting around the 0  - 10% mark.

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot activity from Western Digital for firmware updates on these devices.  the last was 6+ months ago.

Instant fix for slow and lagging dashboards and my clouds. This method will only work until you reboot. Then you will have to perform the steps again.

Via SSH type the following two commands.

service wdphotodbmergerd stop
service wdmcserverd stop

Now refresh the browser or try accessing your NAS and you shouldn’t have any performance issues.

Just wanted to update that ever since FW 2.11.164, or at least around that time, the device has been barely usable. Not sure if it is same exact issue here but CPU and RAM are nearly 100% after a few hours or days of rebooting. The only way to reboot is a hard power cycle. When this happens, the two HD lights are blinking constantly. Rebooting does stop whatever is happening but it always comes back.

Should I still try the commands you list above? Is there a permanent fix? Note that I’m not doing anything other than trying to serve photos and movies to my family within my house, nothing complicated. The only apps I have installed is the antivirus and a couple P2P services (that have been turned off and hardly ever run).

OK so I figured out from other thread this is the command:
/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd stop

Still pretty lame that this is a solution to getting the device to respond at all. Hopefully they’re still updating the firmware on this device to fix this long standing issues.

When connected to your Western Digital unit via ssh run the command “top”
without the quotes and see what is using up all the resources of the box.

I’m not sure what might cause the high CPU usage on your end, but for me it was that MyCloudAccess was enabled and CR2 files were on the drive. in this case it would try to create thumbnails for CR2 files which never worked and kept the CPU busy for days and made the device laggy as hell. I’m not sure if this will ever be fixed, today a new Firmware update was released and I’m waiting for the update notes before installing it. maybe there is a fix for this now…