CPU 100% Utilization By Twonky

I just installed my new Mycloud ex2 and everything was running great.  After moving all of my files to it and enabling the media server I started seeing a slow down.  I then looked at the processes in use and discovered that the Twonky media server was eating all of the CPU resources.  At first I thought it may be due to the need to generate the database etc… however after letting it run for 36 hours straight it never released any of the CPU.  This problem is 100% repeatable.  Rebooting does not fix this issue, the only way to return the CPU to normal is to turn off Media streaming which is one of the functions II insist on having.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?  Is WD aware of this problem?

Has Twonky finished generating thumbnails / covers for all your media?

Not sure.  This morning just AFTER I started this thread I disabled FTP for the shares in question then re-started the media server and it seems fine now.  I dont think that disabling FTP really had anything to do with it but that is what I did.

I thought my previous response had fixed the problem.  Unfortunately it has returned, so I am now un-sure what it will take to correct this behaviour.

Same here.  100% CPU almost all the time and incredibly poor performance.

what are the processes involved in eating CPU?

I had wdmcserver and wdphotodbmerger for almost one week taking 100% CPU… I was told it was “NORMAL” (LOL)

After one week it slowed down and the box went to sleep too…

I have a friend who experienced exactly the same issues with a competitor NAS.  In fact everyone using this particular product was experiencing much the same issues i.e. acute slowness when uploading, in that particular case photos.

It appears the NAS was generating Thumbs and in the process the CPU was running at 1000% in many cases with large photo albums litteraly weeks.

Obviously this was unacceptable.  What was done in that instance was an app was devised whereby you loaded your photo album using the app.  The app utilised the CPU in your computer to upload the files to the NAS - result, problem solved.  Due to the power of modern computers what had promised to take weeks using the CPU of the NAS was acheived in hours using the PC.

I suspect the Ex2 is suffering with a similar issue.

For the record, I opened a ticket on this with WD support.  I hope to hear something official.   Ticket #033114-8270616

Same problem here…