Cover art and Plex with WD TV

I am considering WD TV for my media player option. My other choice would be AC Ryan’s Playon HD3. Can I manually include cover art for my movies. I have a thousand movies and it’s difficult to recognize a movie from just looking at a list. I heard Plex has cover art support. I read somewhere that I just need to change the ‘.jpg’ extensions of cover arts to ‘.metathumb’. Any bulk rename app for Mac?

no need to change .jpg to .metathumb  (.metathumbs are auto created if you have the Media Library ON)

Personally, i delete the metathumbs and replace them with my own better quality jpg’s

Also if you’re considering either a WDTV or AC Rayn … i would carefully compare the tech specifications.

The AC Ryan is more expensive but has more features than the WDTV … so you’ll have to decide if you need those features.


Thank you for your reply. I am ‘IT challenged’ and not technically savy. How do you ‘insert’ jpgs into the media file, eg. MP4? I have a digital library of about 1,000 HD quality movies predominantly MP4s. Primarily, I would like to get a hardware based media player (with a bit torrent client if possible) to play my movies. The problem I have is that sometimes I can’t remember what the movie is about by looking at just the list. I want to look up a movie by cover art, and then click to select. It’s seems after reading the review links that AC Ryan may be more suitable for me. By the way, I use an iMac at home.

If you want to embed (insert) jpg’s into a mp4 file … it’s pretty simple (lots of software found via “gOOgle”)

I use  Mp3tag (Windows) which can batch embed thumbnails into MP4/M4V video files

Browse to directory  >   Select All   >   Actions (Quick) >   Import cover from file   >    format string=  %_filename%.jpg   > Ok

WDTV has an internal movie scraper (info finder) … in “Gallery View” you can view the movie plot while browsing

or … in any other view, press the “option button” and select “view content info”

Lastly, you say you have 1000 mp4’s ?  … i would recommend you read this forum regarding issue reports related to mp4. 

(i personally, have had a problem with a few not playing … but most of my collection is MKV format so i just remux the MP4>MKV)