WD media player movie cover art when connected to My Cloud

I have limited knowledge of My Cloud servers.

I have connected my My Cloud drive through my D-Link router and now store and watch movies through the latest WD media player from My Cloud. I have read posts and understand the server is not the media player and is not reponsible for cover art etc but does read imbedded files jpeg files etc and has screen shots from each movie next to each movie title.

What settings do I have to change on my WD media player to allow the WD media player to scan the movie content to allow it to show coverart and flixster information etc or do I have to change settings from the router or other source?

Thanks and apologies for the lack of understanding on the issue. 

Hi Bloomers, check page 203 of the WD TV manual for more information on how to add metadata to your files.


Thanks for the information and link. Had a read of the manual and used pages 29 and 30 of the manual to solve my problem. I went into the public share folder of my network movies and added them to my media libray then created the metadata. So thank you.