Could not reset the server to factory default settings error 0x80070241

Tried everything.  Pulled all the drives and cleaned them with diskpart.  Recreated storage again.  Tried with 2 drives and with 4.  Still getting the same error code. Extremely unimpressed with Western Digitals tech support.  Have been told three times now I will be called back and never recieved a phone call.  Finally called them today and was told that no one could help me because the level 2 techs don’t work on the weekends.  Told me to wait until Monday or RMA the device and get sent a refurb unit as a replacement.

Did you look at the recreate log file after you did it with 2 drives?  It “must” be your Download?

Not sure what else to do.  I just tried connecting to WD with an ftp client, but it did not work :frowning:

I guess just let it sit and enjoy what;s left of your weekend.

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Man just couldn’t let it go.  10 ISO downloads later finally got one with the correct MD5 checksum.  Loaded the jump drive and so far so good.  Haven’t logged into it yet but the LCD displayed SETUP DONE and is now rebooting.  Thanks for all your help. I was devasted that I was going to have to RMA it and get a refurb replacement.  Do you think I should do the format recovery of do you think the Recreate Storage jump drive does enough?  I did a few format recoveries attempting to get it to work earlier in the week.  As for anyone else having issues with this error code or similair ones.  Make sure you do a checksum check on the ISO.  My problem was definetly the ISO. 

Well YEA BOYZ !!

Yea, the error reporting is kinda weak, so it is real tough to figure these out sometimes.  I knew what we were doing should have worked.

Naw, if it seems to be working, just let it go.  JUst curious, did you do the final recovery to all 4 drives or just using 2.

Either should work, just currious

I ended up doing all 4 drives.  Just booted in and for some reason the drives arent in RAID 5 though. All single discs.  Makes no sense?

Never mind it just had 3 2TB partitions for some reason.

Post a screenshot of diskmgmt.msc please

I just deleted the volumes and then expanded the D: parititon.  No idea why it created 3 Parititions though.