Could not reset the server to factory default settings

I am trying to reset my WD Sentinel DX4000 (with 2 x 2TB drives) to factory default. After pressing the reset button and powering on, for a while it displayed recovery started.
I follow the instructions prompted on the recover your server dialog box and select “reset the server to factory default settings and do not delete data from my hard drives” and continue clicking next until an error displayed this messages:
Could not reset the server to factory default settings
Your server was not reset to the factory default settings. Resolve the issue, and then restart the server recovery process.
Error code: 0x80070005

Can anyone kindly advice what went wrong? I have tried downloading the WD recovery software from PANAM and APAC site. Thanks.

Why are you trying to reset? Did it show an error or have issues?
Do you have data on it you need?

First step is to verify the MD5 of the download. If it matches then try a different brand thumb drive.

Verify your download

Verified: Unsigned
File date: 1:53 AM 1/14/2017
MD5: 32031F2454D3510D7CE2BF5891F7D25D
SHA1: EF0E132813182B2202A5FF54180C840BEE44F59E
SHA256: 6D511FC43FEFBC088E6A069397539B575AA6E81067D0A5BC81E1FEF12CDCD1B1

if the data is important to be safe you should look for raid recovery software
you need to check the md5 hash whatever to make sure you have a good download. 95% of the time a bad dl is the problem doing a recovery that fails somewhere