Copying PC to Mac, before I begin

I want to transfer files from my PC (old Dell 8700 at least 10 years old running XP–no wifi) to my Mac Mini late 2012 running Mountain Lion OS X 10.8

I just purchased a WD My Passport Ultra. I didn’t realize there was  a Mac and a PC model. I ordered the PC model.

I don’t plan to keep backing up my PC files; I just want to copy them one time, and transfer them to the Mac. Can I do this in a simple way? My hope is that I can copy the PC files, plug into the mac, download the files, then format the passport for a Mac and use to backup Mac files.

Please advise or direct me to the correct place to see the process. I have read about FAT 32 and NTFS (or something) and it is confusing to me. I will need step by step instructions.


Hello and welcome to the WD community.

On this case it would be wise to format your drive in Fat 32 so you can copy your files from the windows PC to the MAC, you can do this easier from the MAC.

Here is a link that might help you out with this process: