WD Passport 1TB problems pc to mac

I have a wd my passport which i got to move files from my pc to my new mac laptop. I can read the files off the drive and I can move files off the drive onto the mac. I wanted to start using it to hold backups from my mac laptop. I cant put files from my mac laptop on the drive :frowning: sadness sweeps over me as I digress. suggestions?

The drive is probably formatted in NTFS which is the native Windows format. Mac can read/copy from NTFS but cannot write to it.

You have to launch disk utility on the Mac to format the drive (this will erase the drive). For a Mac only format, choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled). PCs cannot see this format if you were to connect it. FAT32 will allow both Mac and PC to read/write to the drive, but individual files sizes are limited to 4GB. 

Thank you @mestascchio how do i get FAT32? will I be able to drop big folders or just have to move songs one by one?