Use My Passport to Transfer Files from MAC to PC

Hello Everyone,

Thank you in advance for any help. I appreciate it. I recently purchased a My Passport 2TB back up drive. I would like to take the files from my MacBook Pro and transfer them to a PC permanently. I will no longer be using the MacBook Pro. Once I have the files transferred, I would like to use the back up drive as a permanent back up for the PC. I am a supreme novice when it comes to stuff like this especially the Mac part which is why I’m going back to PC. I tried to search this in the forums and found PC to Mac but nothing the other way around. Sorry is this is a repetitive question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



My personal recommendation on this is to do it manually. First, you need to reformat the drive to make it compatible with both systems.
See if this helps.

Once you do that, copy the files manually and then paste those files on the Windows PC.