Copying from SD card

Just to mention, I updated to firmware 1.05.01.

I’m testing the import from the SD card to the MPW, before I start travelling.

In fact the MPW imports my 750 MB Fotos from the SD card. In the second run, I added about 300 MB new stuff to the card.
Now, when copying, “updating” pops up; but below I see “importing 1GB”.

My question: Does “copying” really mean updating (in my example only the 300MB, or will the MPW always copy the total amount of data from the SD card?



The MPW will copy all the files again from the SD to the unit.

Thank you, ERmorel.

But this is bad news. One could expect a little bit more intelligence from the MPW.

From where did you get this information?


Where does “copying” pop up? Do you only see this on a Mac or can us see this info window on an iPad

You get access with; enter your password. Now insert your SD card.
Go to “media”, scroll down to “copy” and press the button. Just there you read the line “copying from SD card”.
As all this happens within your browser, it should be the same in all different hardwares. I use a touchpad with windows.