Help remembering how to operate

I am a techno-bunny. A few months ago, I set up the MPW and had it working. However, now I have forgotten how it works. My primary goal is to use it as a SD card back up while travelling. I thought all I had to do was insert the SD card and the MPW would copy the files. But it is doing nothing. There must be an intervening step or steps. Would appreciate some easy to understand, step by step guidance.
Many thanks

I have progressed since my original post. I think I had to momentarily push the WPS button once the SD card was inserted.

New issues: (1) In ‘SD Card imports’ in File explorer, the SD card and the photos I took today are labelled as 2/01/2014. The camera has the correct date (2) The photos are approx. 2kb rather than their usual 5mb.

How can I correct these matters? Many thanks

You need the complete user manual, and you can download the manual for your model from WD Support.

You need to connect the MPW to your PC so it gets the correct time. The manual is probably on your MPW, too. Look for it. This device is not like a simple toaster.

Hi @RicardoMilano ! Just a point of clarification before we answer your questions - are you using a My Passport Wireless, or a My Passport Wireless Pro?

Hi RicardoMilano ,

Just for a better knowledge, confirm the model number or the drive which you are using.