Copy files from Windows PC to WD My Book Live Private Share


I’ve setup a private share just for myself on my 2tb My Book Live drive, but can’t access it to copy files into on WIndows 7 using windows explorer on my PC. It keeps asking for a userid and password. I’ve tried the admin id and password, and I’ve tried my own id and password that I setup on the WD, but nothing works. Only thing I can do, is make the Share public, then I can access it, copy the files, then make it private again.

I’m sure I’m doing something really dumb here (only got the drive today and so far really not impressed due to this and other problems. The Android WD 2Go app is just awful)

Anyone offer a newcomer some help please ?


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I am facing the same problem here … windows is asking for a username amd password for the private share folder and no password is working. Can anyonr please help???:flushed:

Hey this worked for me:


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Thanks for the reply. That got me in.