Windows Security

Hi. When I try and connect to the drive, i get the following window.  Is there a location where i can disable this window? Or at least change the password (for reasons that escape me, the usual password is not working). 

I am hoping that getting around this window will give me access to the files on the drive. 


wdc jan 6.jpg


Have you tried using the computer login or your user login? That window is coming from your computer it self.

I am having the same problem, no matter what I try. Local PC credentials, mybook live credential, empty, admin/admin. Can’t get rid of this and it is preventing me to go to thenext page so I can log in in my drive.

Yes, I am treying to access from a different netwwork where the HDD actually is. Through Please help!


Firstly please forgive me for my jibberishness, I know very little about Hard Drives and the likes.

Just bought MyBook Live yesterday and have spent the last 17 hours trying to figure out Windows security, or rather the lack of user name and password that keeps cropping up each time I try to open one of the private users (me, by the way) I have tried all sorts of names and passwords all to no avail.

I registered my accounts with WD2go, managed to access them twice (this is good, me thinks!) then  couldn’t access my shares with dialoque box saying something along the lines of “two users on same drive not allowed” (Sorry I have now removed my WD2go accounts so can’t exactly replecate the message).

Finally I have realised that when I look in Windows Explorer in the Hierarchy MYBOOKLIVE (where my Public and Private shares are) is inside the heading of Network (I can’t right click and share these files) they don’t have a user name and/or password (that’s why I can’t give them one).

Are you with me so far, I hope so, cos I’m not, I will not leave this alone until I sort it and I’m starting to wonder if I would be better off trying to uninstall all WD files, resetting the MBL and starting again. I think perhaps a CD installation would have made it easier.

Perhaps it would be better just to chuck the thing out of the window (only joking) just getting really tired, the drive was delivered at about 6pm yesterday and apart from four hours sleep I have been on it ever since (no-one can say I haven’t tried haha. sorry I think I’m losing it).

Anyway my real question is “How do I stop Windows security from asking for the credentials I haven’t got?”

Would it be OK to uninstall or should I persevere?

Please some clever person help (BTW, the picture I get is exactly the same as in ethgdbhveset post)

Thanks in advance

Miss Dolly D x :confounded:

I know it’s been quite a while since the first post on this but it might come in handy for some one.

This is the way I have got round this hiccup (more like nightmare, if only I’d had some sleep).

For Windows 7, I don’t know if it works for others.

First and foremost

  • Download the setup files (yes they do take up space, but does that really matter, lots of space will be saved later on your new NAS drive).
  • Open and run the My Net View Setup.msi (might need extracting) (IMO, Important file to get the drive up and running) answer the questions.
  • Open and run the Quick View File (IMO, a really nice touch and definitely the easy options) Open this by pressing Windows Logo key, type in WD Quick View, right click, open. Once this is opened it will sit quietly in the Notification area (on the taskbar near the clock).
  • Open and run Smartware (it’s for Backups)
  • TimeMachineBackup is for MAC user (not needed).
  • WD Link doesn’t work for me (up to you if you want to try it).
  • Now is a good time to open Windows Explorer (this is about where I got stuck) You will see Network, open this, then you will see MyBookLive, but if you try clicking on it then the credentials dialogue box comes up (because it hasn’t got a user you need to Map the network (No User means No Credentials)) you may get the public file open but there’s no point at the moment.
  • Now find your  ip address (if you don’t know it) it can be found be hitting Windows Logo key type in cmd (command prompt) a black box with white writing will come up. Type in ipconfig/all   Look down the list for your ipaddress (write this down)
  • Now open Windows Explorer go to Tools( in the menu bar) click Map Network Drive, choose a Drive letter, then in Folder Box type\your ip address\ Public   
  • Check the box Reconnect at logon
  • Click Finish
  • Click on the WD Quick View (near the clock on the taskbar –(the Notification area)) right click, Hopefully all you need should be there. Go up to MyBookLive, just run your mouse over it then click on Dashboard
  • Now you can set up User and Shares, Admin is the most Important one,  this will be the one you sign into to see your Dashboard
  • Now go to Settings, then move along to Remote Access Tab, Down to Configure, check Remote Access Enabled
  • Now move down to Web Access register an email address for each User/Share, (the one you entered earlier), (each User must have it’s own email addy).
  •  An email will be sent, click on the link, enter the email address and (admin) password on the next page enter the network drive password (the password you gave in the Dashboard).
  • Hey presto, you can see the public files and/or your private file (all depending on how you set your Shares).

BTW if you want to shut down or restart you need to do this in the Dashboard under Utilities as the Nas doesn’t have it’s own on off switch, it also has an energy saving mode in the same place and wakes itself up when needed.

It has taken me hours and hours to work this out and I don’t plan on forgetting it in a hurry.

Good Luck and I hope this helps you.

Most Importantly Have Fun

Miss Dolly D :wink:

I’ve helped a few people out with this problem in the past and its really simple. The best way of getting around it is creating a startup script. I’ll walk you through making the script

  1. Open up notepad

  2. Type in the following commands and use MBL credentials not your windows credentials 

echo off


net use \mybooklive password /user:username

net use n: \mybooklive\Public      <–replace Public for any share you want to use, this line will map the share


example: net use \mybooklive pineapples /user:agustin <–not my real password but you get it lol

then hit file, then save as, then on the save as type drop down select all files, go ahead and name it whatever you like but it must end with .bat and save it on your desktop

example: mblscript.bat

  1. From here cut and past the script into the startup folder look below for location.

win 7 & 8: C:\Users(UserName)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

*****once you do that a command prompt will open everytime you log in to your windows machine and it will enter you network credentials for your mapped location note that you will need to edit the script if you ever change your username, password, or if your rename the mybooklive.******


in case of this problem - cannot connect to share - sometimes it help, if you run in a console window

net use /del *

or try first to see which connection are established with

net use

and then remind the specific share to delete and run

net use /del \mybooklive\public