Issues Accessing Private Share

Just purchased a 2tb MybookLive I set it up as per instructions(I think). When I go to a private share I cannot map the drive or connect to my password share I get a authentication failed message. Anyways I am willing to uninstall or wipe the drive and start over if there is a step by step tutorial layed out by someone on here in a little more straightforward way I would love to see that.Havent looked around much yet.I have to wd2go app and would like to use that twonky is working on ps3. Just curious on who can access the public share I have and some other things. Sorry for the long winded question I will keep messing around with it and see.

Thanks for any help.


tl:dr step by step on set up of all features if I should wipe drive link to a tutorial.

Please post the EXACT error message you’re receiving.

Funny enough I worked out the private share password issue. Now the problem I am having is I cannot connect with my ipod to the cloud on wd2go. I generated a new password after I deleted the it finds the my book live then shows no shares and just shows a loading bar.

Thanks for the help 

How did you work out the private share password issue? I’m still struggling…