Convert from Smartware to WD Backup

I have several WD drives and several non-WD drives. Two of these WD drives I have been using as back ups, utilizing WD SmartWare backup & restore functionality. It has saved my bacon more than once. But I’ve recently had a HDD crash and bought a couple new drives - one to replace the failing drive and one as another back up device. I want to start using WD Backup now and leave WD SmartWare behind.

What do I need to do to convert my existing WD SmartWare backup drives and their .swstor folders to be used (or usable) within the WD Backup paradigm?

Or do I just need to start all over with a whole new backup plan?

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Hello, did you looked for an app or a software to convert these ?

ShowBox Tutuapp

I have pretty much the same question. I have an old WD drive with Smartware and have backups of a couple defunct computers on that. Now I have a mycloud drive and I’d like to install the new software for that, but I don’t want it to interfere with my ability to access the old backups.


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