WD SmartWare Back up

I have an external MY Book now that I use as back up to other externals that store photos on. Any way just got new computer with Windows 8 an back up software I was using will not work with Windows 8.

How can I use SmartWare to back up for a Seagate Drive to my WD drive?

Hello, be sure to download the latest Smartware version available. From the Home tab you can select the Backup Source above the left column. Check page 5 of the Smartware manual for more information. 

Smartware manual

as azonie said make sure it’s up to date, I’m using SmartWare 2.0.1 with windows 8 pro.

Need some help setting this up.  I am used to software I used “Bounce Back” under Windows 7.  It would compare the files on source and target drives and only back up the ones that were new or had been changed.

How can I set this software up to do that.

I started a backup and looks like it was going to copy everything over, even files that are already on target drive.

Any suggestions?

These are photos I don’t want to lose so make me nervous when I don’t know what it is doing. Also I see in the software set up you can chose how many back up versions it keeps of files.  What does this mean. Also what is the retreive folder?

Now it looks like this software backs up to file called WS SmartWare.swstor.  And then my files are in there.  My main thing was to back up photo in a file called “My Pictures”  I see it had started to do that down about 4 or 5 levels inside this folder.  How can I get software to just compare source drive to target and make copy and update files?

So is this the only way this program will work.  I want to do as I have done with Bounce Back.  Have the software compare the source and target drives and only back up new images and/or changed images??