Continuous Backup


I read through some of the forum posts regarding the continuous backup but I still don’t understand it.

continuous backup means that I don’t have to start the backup manually. The software looks at the drive and sees that something has changed and then backups the delta to the drive.

I have gotten a MyBook Essential installe dthe newest version of smartware. Then I paired the backupdrive and a drive in my computer. Then started the backup. After a while it told me that it has backed everything up.

Then I put some new files on the drive and now for several days it told me that there is a message in the center where it says that some files are not backed up yet. Although the button in the lower right hand corner says “STOP BACKUP” So I assumed that the backup is still running and I am under continuous backup…

When i klick on the details list of files. For all files it tells me that those need to be backed up…

What am I doing wring. Why doesn’t it continuous backup my files although the drive is continuously available for the software etc. Does this only work when I disconnect and reconnect the drive ?

Hi, the normal way for smartware top work is once you start the backup it will automatically keep backing up the new files. Make sure that the new files you are trying to backup are not being used by another program in your PC, you can also try making another copy of the files to another location in your PC.