Constantly flashing white led

Hi guys,
I couldn’t find anything in the FAQ’s so I was hoping someone could shed some light on my constantly flashing white led. I haven’t activated any back up programmes or anything like that, I use my passport purely to store stuff. However the white led is constantly flashing and I can sometimes hear a gentle throbbing noise resonating through the shelf the drive is on. I would be most grateful for some assistance. Cheers, Jed

It’s attached to your computer when it’s doing this? Then something is accessing it – windows indexing service or something like that…

Hi Tony,
Thanks for responding. Yes it’s connected to my pc. As I hadn’t loaded anything on to it for a few days I couldn’t understand why it was doing anything at all. Just panicked a bit and worried it might be doing something untoward, like dying. It seems to have settled down now, just a steady white light.