Constant White Light On Week Old Drive

I have several mycloud drives, and have had a great experience with them up till now. I purchased a 2TB version to store all of my family photos, important docs, resumes, etc. I’ve been using WD since the early 90s and have rarely had an issue. This is one of the only times I have copied information to another drive without keeping the original copy until verifying that the new drive works good. A few days back I tried accessing the new drive, and although I could see a file I wanted to access, I couldn’t. I calked it up to an old computer, and a network issue. No big deal as it was not an important issue. But then earlier this week, I went to scan and save a document to the drive, and noticed I couldn’t access the drive, and noticed the continuous white light. I turned the drive off, then back on again, but the continuous white light. One of the lights on the network connector flashes on and off, and you can feel the drive spin up, but if I leave the drive on you do not feel the same heat coming from the drive as the other myclouds. I have tried a quick reset, and the forty second reset, but nothing changes.

Has anyone tried connecting a mycloud drive via data transfer cable directly to a PC and received a different outcome?

I wrote support directly a few days back, and received a quick response asking me to send the drive’s log files, but the drive can not be accessed via a browser, or smartphone app, and if ping its IP address all of the data packets are lost. I explained this a few days ago, and have not heard back. When I try calling support, I either receive a busy signal, or the number disconnects immediately.

Is there anything others have done that has worked for them to get the drive to work again? I am assuming that if I try to RMA the drive, I will lose all of the information?

Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated.

I connected directly to a Mac with a Thunderbolt to Ethernet dongle and had no trouble. I never tried a PC.

Some other options:
Try letting it boot w/o an Ethernet cable and see if you get to the yellow light (no network)
Pull the drive and put it in one of your other devices (I probably wouldn’t try that)
Pull the drive and put it in a USB enclosure

Please post back if you find a solution in case one of us run into this. Good luck.

If I connect directly to a PC, or a router in which the drive is not configured to work on (I’ll explain in a second), the amber light on the network adapter is on continuously.

As I run a small business, I have two internet connections connected to a dual wan router. The dual wan is setup to 192.168.10.XXX. The routers feeding into the dual wan are 192.168.0.XXX and 192.168.1.XXX. If I connect directly to one of the routers that feed into the dual wan the light on the network connector of the mycloud is also amber.

I have not tried opening the drive, as I do not want to void the guarantee as I ultimately would like to have a fully functioning 2TB mycloud drive on my network. If I am given the green light by support to open the drive up to extract information from the hard drive I will do so, if not, I will try to RMA the drive and have it replaced. Others have mentioned that support has allowed them to extract the drive in order to recover their information. Hopefully I will be allowed to do the same. I have spent quite a bit of money on work related matters that are on that drive, and currently can not afford to have someone perform the same work over again.

the amber light on the network adapter is on continuously.

Amber network light means it’s established a 100Mb connection. A green network light means gigabit connection. Off means no connection. p10 user manual.

I suspect an issue of IP addresses, especially given your more interesting multi-router setup.

Plug it into one router. Go to that router’s control panel, and find out what IP address has been assigned to the MyCloud by the router’s DHCP server (use the router’s ‘network view’). Then try using that IP address to connect to the MyCloud. Don’t rely on DNS name resolution.

I have two other myclouds running without an issue. There is zero access to the drive, the dual wan router I use detects any device that is hooked up to it, regardless of it using the correct IP range or not. It is not detected by the dual wan, or the other two routers I am using. If connected to a PC via an ethernet cable, it also can not be detected.

Called support earlier today, and they have informed me that the drive is defective. The constant white light means the drive is being started, but not being accessed. They have given me permission to extract the drive, and recover all of the information I had on the drive. What I have run up against is that the disk seems to have a lot of bad sectors which is keeping me from being able to as of yet recover my data. What I was not expecting was having to use a Linux reader in Windows to recover the data, my Linux skills are rusty at best. Of course I can essentially recover all of the linux based files, but my files seem to be located on the bad sectors.