Constant reboot when network cable plugged (workaround)

I factory reset my WDTV Live Plus, and after that, it would reboot whenever an ethernet cable was plugged in.

The router logs show that it was accessing

I made two firewall rules to block just those two IPs for port 443 (https) on my router, and then the WDTV would behave normally when powered up with a network cable or if I plugged in the cable after it was up and running. If I removed the firewall block on the router, the WDTV would spontaneously reboot shortly after and keep rebooting as long as the network cable was plugged in.

With the firewall block back in place, I went through all the “Internet Media” options trying to see if any of those apps generated requests to the above IPs. (NOTE: Live365 seems to make the unit reboot). Most of the apps no longer work, but the strange thing is that once I did all that, the WDTV doesn’t seem to reboot anymore with the cable plugged in even if I remove the firewall block and power cycle the WDTV. It seems all back to normal now.

I don’t know if going through the apps fixed it permanently, or once it’s up and running with the firewall block that it eventually just “gives up” on whatever it’s trying to do with those two IP addresses.

Whatever the case, it would seem that the WDTV saves some information internally related to this reboot issue which gets reset on a “Factory Reset”. So if you have a working networked WDTV, you should probably stay away from “Factory Reset”.

I was able to get two WDTVs networked after factory resetting them using the above.

I hope this info can help someone.

Using 1.06.16_B firmware.