WD TV Live suddenly rebooting when network cable inserted

I have a problem that just developed a few days ago with my WD TV Live device (Model number WDBAAN0000NBK). It is continually rebooting. No idea why this suddenly started happening.

I tried a number of different tests, including re-setting to factory settings and re-starting, and have discovered that it works fine with my external disk attached, but the moment I attach the network cable it reboots.

I am still on the factory-supplied firmware of 1.06.43_V.

Any ideas what to do?

Hi, try performing a firmware rollback and then updating it manually. You can click on the links below for the instructions.

Very many thanks jpeng for your suggestion. I am just super-confused as to why it should suddenly be behaving the way it is. It has been absolutely fine since I bought it, yet suddenly a few days ago now gives this problem.

I will try your roll-back idea and let you know if that solves it.

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