Connection issues: "Unknown error. Please try again."


I ve a “My Cloud” 4TB.
I did a “ERASE all files” and reconnect to
I’m signin to WD MyCloud with my ID&passw
My NAS is on there and click to connect the NAS BUT …

Unknown error : please try again

Any solution for this problem ???


Dear WD Community,

We are currently working on the issue.
We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.



still error :frowning:


Same problem here. Unknown error please try again.

Need for support from WD, please.


I think this is problem and big big problem


I’m in Singapore. I’m having the exact same issue. “Unknown error. Please try again”. Contacted the help via email. Yet to receive a response. I thought it was my router as I’m using an AirPort Extreme, played around with the port forwarding. Done 2 hard resets. Wasted 3 days trying to figure this out… still no luck. Look forward to hearing from WD_Admin.


Same issue, the technical support in Hong Kong advise me to send the MyCloud HDD to them and they will exchange a new one to me.

Should I do this (if only some MyCloud HDD had this issue) ?
or still keep the exist HDD and wait WD to fix the server issue?


WD support say that @@


No update and estimate time, i think I have to refund it tomorrow.


I didn’t get any firmware update on machine and the problem is still there.

I wondering that is anyone successfully update the firmware to solve the problem?


I got the same problem. I just bought the HDD yesterday. I thought it was my router problem.


Same problem with mine - tried hours to go a variety of things - but no help at all. Anyone able to solve this problem - frustrating and helpless.


I just bought the WD mycloud home, and became unused item causes this issue!!!


Just got my 6TB mycloud home. Turn out to be mycloud ■■■■, same problem “unknown error. Please try again”. Did hard reset, wasted my time trying various connection combo, reset router, all didn’t work. Then I read in FAQ, “device might do a firmware update resulting in this error message. Need to wait for update to complete then try again”. I waited for 1 hour, tried again and didn’t work…total waste of time!


WD should update the status everyday until the problem fix


From WD below. The issue is I bought it 1 month ago and only tried to install it a few days ago. The reseller is not going to give me a refund, but point me to WD support for an exchange. Any ideas please?

Dear XXX,

Good afternoon to you. My name is Yan and its my pleasure assisting you today.

We understand your concern about this my cloud home Unknown error, cannot connect issue. We are so sorry to inform that currently we have received other customer that have the same issue as you. Our engineer is working on it. In order to keep your benefit, it is suggested to contact reseller for refund this device. We are really sorry for the inconvenience that caused to you.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

Western Digital Service and Support


same with me…
i cant refund my device


Could WD tell me only some My cloud Home can’t connect, or all My Cloud Home?


I’m having the same problem. This is very disappointing. It doesn’t connect or work right out of the box. For the money paid, it should work. This is ridiculous. Also, I already emailed the customer service, and no response from them in over 5 days. Unbelievable, I want WD to solve this right away, otherwise I will ask for a refund and I won’t be leaving a very pleasant review of the product. I cannot explain exactly just how upset I feel.! I am also unable to get a refund as well, the seller here in South Korea said that they are not responsible for manufacturer errors, and that I should contact the manufacturer service center directly, which I did, and they still have not replied to my emails. Such a horrible product. I want a refund from the manufacturer or to exchange it for a device that actually works!



This was not helpful, nor did it resolve any of the issues described. Thanks for giving unhelpful generic advice. Also thanks for briefly participating in a forum where many customers are having issues with a product that doesn’t work. I have a blinky light box now that does nothing but sit there with it’s LED on, amazing.