Connection failure: The file server will not allow any additional users to log on

When I try to access the WDTVLiveHub from my Mac’s Finder, connection fails instantly. If I click on “Connect as…” the following message appears:

“The file server will not allow any additional users to log on. Try to connect again later.”

Of course, nothing happens “later”.

I am using an up-to-date AirportExtreme as a router between my up-to-date WDTVLiveHub (with latest firmware) and my MacBookPro with OS X Lion (10.7.1)

The WDTVLH has a working wireless connection (YouTube and other services work fine), an IP address, DNS and a live internet connection. DNLA and Media Share servers are on and, as I mentioned, I can see the device from my Finder, ping it and even access the web interface.

However, I get the message mentioned above every time I try to establish connection to upload some files to my WDTVLH.

I’ve tried reseting the WDTVLH, the AiportExtreme, turning sharing on and off, clearing login information from the device, with no success.


Thanks in advance.

Your problem is Lion, which is not supported by the Hub.

What do you mean with Lion is not supported?

What is no longer supported that used to work on Snow Leopard?

Is this related to SMBX introduced in Lion?

Does installing samba3 via MacPorts solve the issue?

On the other hand, in the past I have succesfuly connected to the WDTV using Lion. This didn’t come up instantaneously after the Lion upgrade.

Thanks for the info.

I too have this issue.

What is the official line from WD? Because this makes my brand new WDTV obsolete.

If I cannot drag and drop and organise files across the network it is a complete waste of time and will have to go back.

Bump for this because its driving me crazy!

Any thoughts?

Yes, it’s because Apple removed support for Samba in LION and replaced it with SMBX.