2011 WD TV Streamer/Mac

Hello everyone.  I’ve been using a WDTV Live+ for over a year and am now considering the new 2011 model for a Christmas present to myself.  However, I was wondering if the WDTV/Mac OSX Lion issues are resolved in the new streamer? 

What issue?

The WDTV Live Plus is unable to pull content from a Mac OSX Lion computer due to Samba incompatability introduced in OSX Lion.  SInce the WDTV Live SMP appears to support NFS, I would like a MAC OSX LION user to confirm whether or not they are able to stream files from their Mac to the WDTV Live SMP.


I have no issues what so ever Streaming movies from my SMP or Live Hub to my 2011 iMac.  I can pull up videos and watch them with no issues with VLC.

Are you able to play content stored on your iMac using the SMP?

You cant view any content using SMB unless you manually install Samba on Lion.

NFS and using a Media Streamer is fine.

Are there any plans to support the new implementation of SMB, now that the latest stable build of SAMBA (3.6.1) is compatible with Mac OS X Lion?

I know it will be a complicated matter than can’t be done in a couple of days, but it would be great for us to know whether we can count on a fix of the WD TV firmwares for Lion or if we should try alternative ways to stream data.

If I had to guess, I would say “yes,” but it may be months.

The better fix would be to support AFP natively.   Use the file sharing protocol native to each OS is probably a better solution.

But anyway, yes, WD did do a Samba forklift a year or so ago to fix the Windows 7 login issues…   They jumped from 3.00.28a (If I recall) to 3.5.4… a pretty big jump.  

Going to 3.6.1 may not be as complicated as that one…

If you use a media server like the one integrated into Vuze all you need to do is drag it into the Media player for WDC when it shows up in the left hand pane. 

Then fire up the WDC and select the video. It will stream without having to mess with NFS, SAMBA, etc.

I’m also buying WD TV live 2011 and I have a Mac running on Lion. So as i understand my best choice is to go through  this turtorial to enable NFS? 

What is the downside? When i do this everything will be ok?

Also another question. Can i see iTunes playlists on WD TV?

thank you so much!