WD TV Live wont Work with Mac OS 10.7

Hallo Guys and Girls :slight_smile:

I have an problem with the Network Shares with my WD TV working with Mac OS 10.7 lion.

I cant Access to my Mac. i´ve read, that 10.7 hasn´t an Samba Serer (SMB), is that correct?

Is the Problem known?

Please let me know, what i must do.



Yes the problem is known and it affects more than just WD products. It has already been disussed here- http://community.wdc.com/t5/General-Discussions/wd-tv-live-network-dont-work-with-mac-os-x-10-7-lion/td-p/217196

Apple decided to implement their own proprietary SMB sharing software which does not work well with Samba. Do a Google search and you will find quite a few people having problems with Apple’s ‘new’ implementation of SMB.

Your options-

  1. Contact Apple and express your displeasure that they have broken SMB sharing (Lots of luck on that)

  2. Don’t upgrade to OSX 10.7

  3. Install Samba using the instructions here- http://forums.boxee.tv/showthread.php?t=38629

  4. Install a DLNA server (most of the OSX ones rely on Java and that is no longer included, so you will have to go through that install step)

You can install Vuze… than it’s work fine :slight_smile:


Open vuze, Drag-and-Drop videos or other stuff from your library to the device.

On your WD Live TV: go to video --> media server --> vuze (vuze must be turned on!)

I have olso MAC OS X 10.7 and it works great on this way :slight_smile:

Anyone know if WD plans on patching this soon? They had lots of time during the OS X 10.7 beta period to get this problem solved… this is really annoying.


thx for the vuze clue but… no iso support :frowning:

Vuze has been the best option for me so far, but it’s still an unorganized mess though. I’m really hoping WD gets the fix pushed out in the next few days so I can see all my organized folders again.

Or you could try any of the options listed here- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_UPnP_AV_media_servers

Hello everyone I had the same problem, BEST solution for me was to download PLAYBACK form Yazsoft, No problem anymore. Im HAPPYYYY!!!