Connecting to Airport extreme Problem

I just recently bought an Airport Extreme Base Station. One of the purposes of this purchase was for the convenience of not having to disconnect and reconnect my external USB drive from my PC and WD Live over and over when moving/copying files.

I want to connect an external HD to a router so that my PC and WD Live can connect it to on demand, without having the other turned on…  my wife is stickler about leaving the lights on or any unsued devices. I can leave the router on and the HD on, becuase she wont see it. :smiley:

The Airport offered the ability to connect multiple External USB hard drives.


Airport Extreme connected to DSL modem (Everything works fine). I can connect to the internet from my laptop (PC win XP) wirelessly and from my desktop (PC Win 7). I can also connect to the internet from my IPAD 2. I can also see the networked drive share that is on the airport (the external 1 TB drive).

First issue I had was being able to connect (Wirelessly) the WD live to the Airport. I had no issues with my Netgear router). The WD Player would see the Airport extreme base station, but would not connect to it. In other words, and I am guessing here, it wasn’t getting an IP.

So I tried to give it a static IP. After configuring the WD Player with a static IP (and gateway…) my WD Player Live could connect to the internet. I could stream media from YouTube and check out the weather.

However, I could not connect to the network drive. I can see the drive, but that is it.

Unfortunately, I do not remember any of the errors messages… I am currently on my lunch break at work so I can’t retest to see what the error messages were.

Any suggestions? 

You stating that you are able to see the network drive, once you setup your WD TV with a static IP and GateWay. How are you trying to access the drive, Media Server or Network Share?

Sorry, forgot to mention it…

I am trying to see them as a Network Drive.

I keep typing Network Drive, when I mean Network Share.

So to be clear, I am trying to access a network Share.