WD TV Live acting as Network Adaptor for Hard Drive

I am looking at setting up media cloud for personal use and seek some help. I have a broadband connection at home and all devices would be connected wirelessly.

I have 3 Hard Drives (1TB, 750GB and 300GB) which I would like to be on network

The options I have are - Airport Extreme/Time Capsule, Lacie Laplug

I want a Digital Media Receiver to connect to my TV and I am thinking of WD TV Live for the same.

My query is that would WD TV live detect content on the hard drives attached to Airport Extreme. In other words, does Airport Extreme has streaming capabilities.

I would like the three hard drives to be accessed from Mac, PC, ipad and this Media Receiver to play content.

Also, WD TV live has USB ports. If I connect hard disks to that, and if WD TV live is on wireless network, would I be able to access those hard disks from Mac/PC to copy and add content?

Your help would be very much appreciated


I am a user of both the Apple  airport and the WDTV Live.

  1. don’t use attached drives to the Apple device - it doesn’t transfer files fast enough for streaming video.

  2. the wdtv is great for mac users because it will see a  mac formatted hard drive attached to its usb port, and YES you can just open up a finder window and the mac will see the the attached drive on the WDTV as a shared device.

So NO to attach drive to airport and YES to attach drive to WDTV

hope that helps,


If you mean a hard drive plugged into the USB port of the Airport Extreme, then no, the HUB will not see that drive. If you have an NAS connected to one of the ethernet ports on the AE, that will work for streaming video. But a wireless connection might not be fast enough. My HUB is on a wired connection to the network.