Need help Connecting my WD Live TV

I just got my WD Live TV - I have it all connected to my TV already… now here is where the problem lies…

I’m running on a mac 10.6.2… 

Have my computer wireless connected to my airport express. My question is - how can I set up my computer/WD live tv to stream wirelessly thru Network shares?

The WD unit says unable to detect any network connection. Do I need to get a USB wireless adapter for it work? Can the WD recognize my network setup thru just the airport? Do I manually need to configure the WD - with my ip, dns, etc…

I cant run a cable to the unit (its not possible since my computer is in a different room away from the unit) … but i cant get it to work wirelessly so im stuck… please help!

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You need a usb wireless dongle. I use the mini Buffalo card and it works fine. Also on Mac 10.6.2

You need a USB wireless adaptor, tested models here

The WD will automatically setup the network, go onto the internet and report firmware update available.

I’m not fimiliar with the airport express but a review states “The Express’s USB port is also less functional than its larger sibling’s: although it lets you share a USB printer across your network, it doesn’t support sharing a hard drive, as you can with the Extreme’s AirDisk feature,” which probably means a usb hd plugged into the express. HDs on the pc should be able to be shared.