Connecting Netgear R8000 Router with WD My Cloud

I upgraded from an older ASUS router where everything had been working. When I connected “WD My Cloud” with Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 Router with Ethernet cable, I can not get it to work. I do get a solid dark blue light on WD My Cloud. When trouble shooting from my PC (Windows 8.1) it says “Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource ( is not responding”. WD software says it can not find My Cloud and asks me to see if it is plugged in properly. How do I get out of this mess? Thanks … Chris

Is the WD My Cloud configured to obtain a IP address from the DHCP server? Is the Netgear router using the same IP address range as the previous router?

If the My Cloud isn’t using a static IP then access the Netgear router’s administration page to see what IP address the router’s DHCP server is handing out to the My Cloud.

If the My Cloud is using a static IP is that IP address on the same subnet as the Netgear router? If not then you may have trouble accessing the My Cloud unless you configure the computer to use an IP address in the same subnet range as the My Cloud at which point you can access the My Cloud to change to static IP address.

Or you can install the WD Discovery Software to see if it can find the My Cloud on the local network.