Connecting My Cloud Home to Android TV / VLC

Hi there,

I’ve just recently purchased a My Cloud Home, and I’m trying to access the media that I’ve stored in there using my Android TV. The Plex server I’m using isn’t fast enough and is quite sluggish, so I’m trying to connect directly to the drive via the VLC app on my Android TV. However, whenever I navigate to Local Network, all it populates is an smb folder, which is empty.

I have two questions:

  1. How do I move files into the smb folder (I’ve been doing some Google searching and know that it is a public folder, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to populate that public folder in the first place), and;

  2. Is there a way that I can connect my VLC app to my My Cloud Home, just like how Plex has access to it? From what I’m reading, my media is being stored in the User Private Area, so I’m wondering how to access that area with VLC.

Based on the answers I get I’m trying to figure out if My Cloud Home is the best NAS for my needs, or if I need to switch to a different one without the various gateways that stop me from access my media freely.


Hi @TB1234, your MCH have two parts: the online part and the offline part. for plex, you use online part where are stored your medias. I don’t try to access that online content by vlc but i think, regarding access protocole, that vlc couldn’t access your online content in your android TV (In PC, it’s possible). you could therefore use the offline part to store your medias (plex’s access in this folder is impossible. Use kodi to access this disk) and access it with any computers or phones connect on your local network. I’ve already write about