Connect external HDD - Seagate - to my cloud USB

I can see many posts and trials to make the connection between my cloud and external HDD works.

This post is to see if any one succeeded to connect Seagate HDD and create a share to run automatic or manual backups.

My HDD is Seagate GoFlex 3T and can’t make it work.
What I tried to do so far
- I formatted the Seagate number of times with different tools
- rebooted, powered off both my cloud and Seagate number of times
- installed latest FW

I have been faced with different errors
- Seagate HDD is not recognized at all
- It is recognized but with 0 size
- It is recognized with the right size but can’t create share error 1122
- Unsafe device removal error 1123

Do anyone have a successful attempt ?

What is the format (NTFS, FAT, etc.) that you are using when formatting the drive? What “tools” did you use? The following WD Knowledgebase article details what external drive formats are supported by the My Cloud.

Sometimes the My Cloud has trouble with external drives that have more than one partition on it. If this is the case remove all partitions on the external drive and repartition it to have a single partition.

Also if the USB drive is unpowered try connecting it to a powered USB hub first then connect that hub to the My Cloud USB port as a troubleshooting step.

Thank you Bennor for replying.
Answering you questions

  • NTFS and I checked it is supported by my cloud
  • I used windows disk manager and WD Diag
  • It is only one partition
  • HDD is powered

The HDD connects and works normally at more than one laptop I tested it at.

I suppose as a troubleshooting step you could try using a third party partition/formatting tool like MiniTool Partition Wizard free edition:

Is the GoFlex drive a USB 3.0 drive or a USB 2.0 drive? If possible try swapping USB cables as another troubleshooting step.

I assume no other USB devices are connected to this My Cloud. If attempting to connect more than one USB device its best to use a powered USB hub rather than an unpowered USB hub.

Maybe check the “Logical Unit Number”

An external USB drive mounting as Logical Unit Number One (LUN 1 ) is not supported on a My Cloud. My Cloud will only mount the USB drive when assigned LUN 0.

Hi All
I thought to share with when and how the issue is fixed.
I successfully managed to connect Seagate HD 3T to my cloud usb and access it.
I even copied files from my cloud to the external HD

Well, to be honest I am not sure what made it work but here it is a list of additional actions I did (in addition to the ones I did in the thread)

  • I enabled changed the HD name to something with no spaces or dash and doesn’t contain Seagate or anything similar (this alone was not enough for it to work)
  • I enabled SSH … didn’t do any changes … just enabled it.