Connect 2 WD My Clouds to Same Network

A few months ago I found a WD My Cloud 2 TB at Walmart for $35. I setup it up and it’s been working great. I’m able to establish a direct connection with port forwarding. I would like to do the same thing with a second My Cloud 2 TB that I found at Walmart for $35. I can’t seem to get it. I can now only get a relay connection on both devices.

Here I have static IP’s assigned to the devices:

Here I have Port Forwarding setup:

In the dashboard for the each My Cloud I have selected Auto under Remote Configuration.

Any help would be appreciated.

What version of My Cloud are they? Have you read through the User Manuals for them? Use link below and scroll down to the links for the User Manuals.

Did you give the new My Cloud its own name?

Are they both in the same Workgroup?

You may want to read this post too.

$35? Good find…

I never succeeded to get two devices to connect usng port forwarding. I created rules in my router, and gave then unique ports, but one would only ever connect via relay. The upside is that relay mode recovered from router re-boot, and remained visible externally, the port forwarded one never re-connected after router reboot. And still doesn’t. But doesn’t report that its connection is broken…

I used ports 80/443 for the port forwarded one, and 8080/8443 for the relay one. I was never really sure if I should have mapped external 8080 to internal 80, and 8443 to 443, or what values to enter in the MyCloud Dashboard; the externally-visible ports, or the internal ports. The user manual provides no guidance on this issue.

Yes, I found them for $35 dollars each. Maybe because the 2 TB models are not being made anymore?

I think I got it working. Instead of using Auto under Remote Configuration, I manually added the port numbers. Both now have a direct connection via port forwarding.