Community - does anyone use Server 2016 on DS series?

Just a community focused question here - looking for experiences. Is anyone successfully running Server 2016 on a DS Sentinel?

For what it’s worth, I now have a DS5100/DS6100 hybrid. It was originally a 5100 but I’ve swapped the CPU for one from the 6100 and installed the CPU fan. The CPU fan did work perfectly fine in 2012R2.

I ask because I’m currently doing so and thought I’d manage to get it working successfully - but I logged in (remotely) this morning to run some Windows Updates and when I came back to it an hour or so later I was met with the unexpected shutdown log. Although I can’t directly prove it, I strongly suspect a thermal shutdown was initiated - when I started the Windows Updates again I monitored it and saw the CPU temps getting high very quickly (over 90C) with no apparent increase in the CPU fan speed (the dashboard showed both fans hovering around 1300rpm).

When I tried to install 2016, I would always come across one thing or another that wasn’t right.
I think audible alerts would never work correctly.
Sometimes WD Monitor would be able to detect the serial and MACs, but others it would just sit there trying to load them
Sometimes the main fan wouldn’t be shown in WD monitor and would run at full speed - the CPU fan would be fine but now I’m wondering if it will actually react to temperatures.

I’m probably going to try a bit more investigation (physically rather than just remotely) but a reversion to 2012R2 is looking likely unless other people can confirm they have it working without issue? or how they overcome these issues.

I guess it’s relevant to this, so I’ll post here rather than create a new thread.

I’m able to get 2016 installed satis (sometimes I get the issue where the fans won’t react and thermal shutdown occurs) and most things install OK… bar one WD app.

It’s the Apple AFS sharing app which presents a Time-Machine compatible Network drive to Mac computers. It makes backing up a Mac painless. Checking through some of the error logs it appears there’s an incompatibility somewhere and would require an update to the application before it will work.

As Extremez-IP (the company who wrote the app) have since been bought out, I’m guessing such an update is really unlikely now, especially from WD? Has anyone else experienced this?