DS Sentials and Server 2016

Has anyone successfully installed or upgraded theirs to 2016? I’d like to run docker for Windows.

ETA: By including the drivers, courtesy of forum savior @Gramps I was able to get 2016 Essentials installed. However I’m experiencing the same thing I did when I did an upgrade of 2012. It’s very slow, My virtual machines I imported are running at a crawl. They are being stored on the RAID drive (D:). When I went to do the essentials setup of the storage drives, I added a new folder and it took 10 minutes! It just hung at 20% for a long time then finished.

I recall my 2012 RAID array was controlled by a system tray applet. If I look at hardware properties for D: I see

Raid VD 0 SCSI Disk Device
Raid VD 1 SCSI Disk Device

How am I supposed to manage my RAID?