Combining 2 raids 1 into RAID 5

Hi there! first of all, sorry for my english, i’m from brazil and i’m not so good at it!

I have a ex4100 with 2 2tb disks on RAID 1!

I inserted another 2 disks of 2tb each and made ANOTHER RAID1 (now i have 2 RAID 1 volumes)

One of my hard drives died! and now i want to make 1 RAID 5 with 3 drives ( i bought another one, but for now i’ll be using RAID 5 with 3)

But i can’t seem to find any way to REMOVE the first VOLUME so i could add the drive to the new RAID 1 (and migrate it to RAID5)

I hope i made sense! if not, i’ll try to explain myself better!


Hi cesinhah,

Please refer to below link for your convenience.