WD PR4100 RAID config

Hey guys I’m a little desperate for some help here. I currently have the 4 day drive and i have populated 1 bay with a 8TB WD Red. I am trying to upgrade to a RAID 5 config without losing any data. So here are my questions

  1. It is not possible to go straight from RAID 0 to RAID 5, correct?
  2. If i purchase 3 more 8TB WD reds, will i be able to pop them in, set them to RAID 5, copy over my files then add my remaining drive to that 3-disk RAID 5 config making it a 4 disk RAID 5?
  3. If the above option will not work, will i be able to buy 3 more WD reds. put in 2 of them and set them up in RAID 1. Then, copy over my files to the new RAID 1 config and then go over to a 4 disk RAID 5 without data loss?
  4. Finally, this is a last resort if none of the above will work. Will i be able to purchase 3 WD reds, plug the current one in my PC and set the 3 up in RAID 5 on my PR4100 and then just copy over my files from the old one? If yes, will i then be able to add that old, fourth disk into my RAID 5 config?

Thanks for any help.

Thats helpful, but i still have 1 question. Will i be able to create a RAID 1 volume by adding to disks to slots 2 and 3 without affecting my RAID 0 in slot 1? Then i’ll be able to copy files over and begin moving to raid 5 with 4 total disks.

RAID with a single disk is impossible.
RAID is array of disks, so at least 2 for an actual setup.

The GUI allows migrating from RAID1 to RAID5, e.g. from 2 disks to 3 or 4.

However e2fsprogs is outdated so you can’t migrate from/to a volume over 16 TB in size.
You can create a large (16TB+) volume, but not modify the size afterwards.

Slightly relevant: https://forum.openmediavault.org/index.php/Thread/4376-Converting-a-single-HDD-to-3-with-Raid-5/

JBOD might be the better option here, depending on the use case: home or business use.

Sorry i was completely mistaken initially. I currently have 1 disk in JBOD. I plan to create a 3 disk RAID 5 without disrupting the first disk which in in JBOD. Would that be possible?
It also seems like if that is possible and i do that, i would not be able to then increase that RAID 5 to a 4 disk RAID 5 without losing the data on it. Is that true?

Thanks for your help so far.

I doubt that the GUI allows it. WD support should test this and let you know.
You could examine the raid related scripts in /usr/local/sbin …

I saw that the diskmgr tool claims that it can do it.

diskmgr --help