Newbie help with my ex4100

i have a ex4100 and like an ■■■■■ i think i have messed it up.

set-up:. Volume 1 is spanning over 3 drives and Volume 2 JOBD.

Volume 2 has all my data but i want to move some of it into a raid 5 over volume 1 while keeping volume 2 seperate. I dont have anymore storage to backup with.
So i need to create raid 5 over vol 1 and keep vol 2 without loosing any data from vol 2. what would be the best way to do this?
can i just remove vol 2 and use it as usb drive then re insert it into the ex4100 without loosing any data?
please help!!

I would recommend to wait until you are able to copy the data into another location. Ejecting the separate volume could trigger a controller rejection, and using a USB enclosure carries the risk of having to format the hard drive to the EXT4 file system.