Combine Volumes

Hello. I have an EX4100 and I upgraded my drives(4) a while back. Volume_1 is RAID 5. As a result of the increase, Volume_2 was created by the system. It is Spanning. Is there a way to add/combine Volume_2 to Volume_1 both being RAID 5 easily? Without wiping all the data? Is there a utility that will just allow me to absorb Volume_2 into Volume_1?

I guess you would transfer all your files from the Spanning volume to RAID 5 volume or other backup device. Then delete the Spanning Volume. That would give you an option to expand the volume on your RAID 5.

I am running windows 10 pc’s. Do you know of a utility program that will allow me do this?

Are you planning to backup your Spanning Volume an external device? Or to your internal computer hard drive? Made sure you have enough space to move your data. Or you can search on how to use SSH to your NAS device then move the data from there.

Thanks for the replies. I will do a complete backup to an external device. I was just hoping to hear of an easy way to absorb the difference in space(from upsizing the drives), into the current RAID5 volume. It’s not really important; I just wanted to keep it simple, neat and tidy - not that 2 volumes is a complicated concept :slight_smile: . Anyway, thanks again.