Cloud EX4 will not shut down

After pressing the button on the server no longer be shut down. Previously display shows “System is shutting down” constantly. :cry: What now? Simply remove the power supply? So there is no problem without data loss?
I write here at all, because I’m not so sure.

If you are unable to turn Off the EX4 manually, try doing a manual shut down by disconnecting the power cable, just be sure that no data is being transferred to the EX4. Also check if you have the latest firmware update installed. 

So if I unterstand correctly, I should unpflug the power cable and data remain in the server (without data loss) ?

Yes, as long as there’s no data being written to the NAS at the time your data should be fine.

This is an issue I have figued out a solution to and may possibly work for you as well. First let me try to guess the bug that’s causing this. I am an IT technician and over the years I have seen such problems even on windows machines. Such as computers not coming back from SLEEP mode. After your NAS has been idle for a while the drives goto sleep to conserve energy this happens with your windows computers also. Once the drives power down and goto sleep there are times when system is unable to wake it back up. So the solution I tend to use is to not allow the hard drives to goto sleep. I allow the SYSTEM to goto sleep but not the drives. Difference is this: When system is in sleep mode, the processes have stopped and device itself is not running any tasks. When the DRIVES are in sleep mode then it takes a bit longer for system to get responce from the drives when you try to wake them up and if you have a buggy system like EX4, it may not even come back from sleep. here’s a link to my list of solutions for buggy EX4

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Open the Dashboard of your My Cloud EX4. 

  1. Navigate to “Settings” > “Utilities” “Scan Disk”

  2. Make sure all volumes are selected. 

  3. Choose “Scan Disk”

My 16TB My Cloud  EX4 in RAID 5  took about 20 mins to finish scanning.

After this process completes. Your My Cloud EX4 should shut down. 

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